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Rolling Over: What’s Your Dog Saying?

two dogs playing

What does it mean when your dog rolls over while playing with another dog?

Dognition polled 800 people through our social media channels, and 44% of dog parents say their dog rolls over during play with another dog. Are these dogs communicating that they are subordinate to their play partner?

A 2014 study out of University of Lethbridge and University of South Africa looked to see what a dog rolling over to a supine position during play with another dog really means. Does it communicate submission?

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Helping Service Dogs Help Us

The Need for Service Dogs

While many of the traditional jobs (hunting, sledding, herding) that dogs once performed are becoming increasingly rare in modern society, dogs are definitely in no danger of becoming unemployed. Demand for dogs and their special skills just keeps skyrocketing, including assistance dogs working in partnership with the disabled, police and military dogs helping keep our streets and soldiers safe, and even dogs working in a medical capacity, to detect cancer and other conditions. Continue reading

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4 Dog Safety Tips for the Fourth of July

Photo Credit:

Happy Fourth of July, Dognition friends!

Independence Day is a stressful holiday for dogs with fireworks often driving many dogs to run away. 51% of Dognition users said their dog experiences some level of fear or anxiety in response to fireworks. Here are 4 tips to help keep your dog calm and safe this holiday weekend!


1. Keep Your Dogs Inside

Enjoy a day of grilling and outdoor fun with your dogs, but before the fireworks begin, secure your dogs indoors. Dogs can become easily frightened by the loud festivities of fireworks. Continue reading

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Keys for Keeping Your Canine Cool

Ginger in the shade

Ginger enjoys the shade of a tree on a hot summer day.

My dog Ginger loves car rides. Everything outside of our little neighborhood is something new, and she has a thirst to see it all. The second she senses someone in the family is about to leave the house, she continually runs in circles around that person’s feet, so it is impossible to forget her. When she hears, “car ride,” Ginger is the first one out the front door. She’ll hoist all 13 pounds of herself into the car and leap into the backseat, ready to go on an adventure. Some days, however, we have to leave Ginger at home where it is cool, because it is just too hot for her to come along. Her tiny face watches disappointedly from the window as the car drives away. But in the summer heat, even a quick ten minute errand isn’t the right time to bring Ginger along, because we most likely would have to leave her in the car. This is never a good idea because of the fatal consequences that could happen, such as heatstroke and overheating. Continue reading

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5 Ways Your Dog Can Make You Happier and Healthier at Work

Photo Credit: Tim Hipps, FMWRC Public Affairs

Photo Credit: Tim Hipps, FMWRC Public Affairs


Did you know that tomorrow is Take Your Dog To Work Day®? At Dognition, there is a sure method to having a good morning: we bring our dogs to work.

Employees are much more energetic and productive when the office dogs, Dexter, Cooper, and Sisu are in the building, proving again that a dog is man’s best friend. Being welcomed by a dog is a great start to the day, not only are they an instant mood booster, but several studies in the past few years have examined the numerous rewards of pet ownership. Continue reading

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