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Some Keys To Preventing Dog Bites

Banning dangerous breeds will not prevent dog bites. Photo Credit: Juanedc

Banning “dangerous” breeds will not prevent dog bites. Photo Credit: Juanedc


I learned two valuable lessons about dogs at a young age. The first is that there are some people on this Earth that actually don’t like dogs. In fact, some people are even scared of them. This was shocking news to 9-year-old me. My new friend Trisha came over to my house after school to play. When she rounded the corner to the kitchen, she shrieked at the sight of Tonka, my family’s German shepherd. I couldn’t understand why; Tonka was the nicest dog. She ran for the dining room; Tonka ran after her. She motioned to kick him, and he bit her foot. Second valuable lesson learned: any dog can bite, even my gentle-hearted Tonka. Continue reading

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An “Apawlogy” Letter from Dog

Doggone it! I apawlogize for letting the cat into the Dognition social channels, dear humans. I was having a ruff day. My stomach was growling, and the cat offered me a bacon-flavored pupsicle. He seemed nice, but he was just pulling my leash! Furgive me–I’m pawsitively embarrassed!

I apawlogize for letting the cat into our blog.

I woof you! Please furgive me!



P.S. Happy April’s Fools Day from Dognition!

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What Does Your Dog Want for Christmas?

dog xmas rectangle

Our Dr. Brian Hare has written an Op-Ed for LiveScience about what our dogs really want for Christmas. He writes:

What does your dog want for Christmas? Anything you want, apparently. In new results from our research at Dognition, it seems that dogs are heavily influenced by their owners when it comes to choosing toys, objects and even food.

It’s already well established that dogs pay close attention to human social cues. Continue reading

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Dognition Gets Another Perspective

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Caring for a dog, as well as being cared for by a dog, can teach us a lot about patience and perspective taking. In particular, the empathy dimension in the Dognition Toolkit strives to show owners how their dogs read their emotions. This feedback can tell us a lot about how to communicate with our dogs. Through professional dog trainer Patricia Tirrell, we recently got a unique look into just how much the Toolkit could improve the relationship between dog and owner. Continue reading

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