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More than meets the eye…

After months or years of spending time with our dogs, we begin to feel that we know everything about them. Dognition has collected some surprising facts. Read on to find out the answer to how well you really know your dog.
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Dogs As Treatment for Veterans with PTSD

These veterans and their dogs are recent graduates of K9s for Warriors.

These veterans and their dogs are recent graduates of K9s for Warriors.

Our Vanessa Woods has written an Op-Ed for LiveScience about dogs as treatment for veterans with PTSD. She writes:

Today marks the 12th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks. The United States has been at war ever since. For many U.S. military personnel who return from war zones, another type of combat awaits. The Dognition citizen science project is working with veteran support groups to help veterans better understand their dogs and raise awareness about how dogs can help veterans returning from combat with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
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How mixed breed dogs think differently than purebreds


Sometimes I feel like my best friend just doesn’t understand me. I call him and he doesn’t respond. I point and he looks at my fingertip instead of whatever I’m pointing at. I’m talking about my dog Teddy, of course.

I wouldn’t call him overtly independent. In fact, he’s off-the-charts empathetic, and he does look to me for direction from time to time. But it seems like he’d prefer to make his own decisions than use my help. I wondered if his lack of interest in my pointing had anything to do with his previous homelife. We adopted him from a shelter, and we have no idea what sort of human communication he’d received before us. As it turns out, the fact that Teddy is more likely to use his own memory over my pointing may have something to do with his breeding, or rather, his lack thereof. Continue reading

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Dognition: Way beyond the IQ Test

We’ve been hearing a lot of people referring to Dognition as an “IQ test for dogs” (here’s looking at you, Conan!). Calling Dognition an IQ test conjures up some pretty funny images. Dogs squinting over Scantrons with No. 2 pencils, solving word problems and math equations. If we were giving dogs a traditional IQ test, the scores probably wouldn’t be very high.

This is because we think about intelligence differently these days. When we look at the intelligence of animals, we start with how well they’ve been able to survive as a species. By that measure, dogs are the second most successful mammal on Earth, right behind humans. They’ve learned how to get another species (us) to take care of their every need, to feed them, play with them, and let them sleep in our beds. Continue reading

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Yellow Dogs and the Anti-Social Socialites

Yellow Ribbon Dog
We’ve heard from some owners who have completed Dognition Assessment Toolkit with their dogs that they were initially a little surprised that their dog is a Socialite. When these owners think of the way their dog acts around strangers and new dogs, their Socialites seems anything but social. But once they read the in-depth description of our findings, the name Socialite begins to make sense.

Anti-Social yet Pro-Social

There’s a big difference between being uncomfortable in social situations and being non-social. Continue reading

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