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What Does Your Dog Want for Christmas?

dog xmas rectangle

Our Dr. Brian Hare has written an Op-Ed for LiveScience about what our dogs really want for Christmas. He writes:

What does your dog want for Christmas? Anything you want, apparently. In new results from our research at Dognition, it seems that dogs are heavily influenced by their owners when it comes to choosing toys, objects and even food.

It’s already well established that dogs pay close attention to human social cues. Continue reading

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The Genius of Dogs and Behaviorism

behaviorism_0006_Layer Comp 7

The Genius of Dogs is intended as a fun yet comprehensive review of the published scientific literature relevant to understanding dog cognition. In the last ten years there has been an explosion of scientific research and discovery around dog cognition, and this work had not yet been reviewed in a popular book. Dognition is of course largely based on ideas and work reviewed in The Genius of Dogs.

The book explains how a cognitive approach allowed for the discovery of dog genius as well as an appreciation for the limits of dogs’ abilities. We used this new knowledge to propose a cognitive approach to training dogs Continue reading

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Announcing Dognition Beta Wave 3 – and a Giveaway!


2013 is off to a great start here at Dognition. We’ve been listening carefully to feedback from our beta testers and making major improvements to the Dognition Experience. We’ve simplified instructions, made our games more fun to play, and added rich new videos. We’ve even used your suggestions to come up with great new features that we’ll include when we launch Dognition to the public.

Today, we’re keeping the momentum going with two big announcements. Continue reading

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