Introducing the Dognition Profiles!

Each dog has a unique way of understanding the world. Using the science-based games in the Dognition Assessment Toolkit, you’ll be able to see what’s going on behind your dog’s eyes.

We’re excited to reveal the colorful badges that represent the nine Dognition Profiles. When you complete the Toolkit with your dog, your report will include one of these badges, along with an in-depth review of the strategies your dog uses across five cognitive dimensions: empathy, communication, cunning, memory and reasoning.

Dognition Profile Badges: AceAn accomplished problem solver with great communication skills, an Ace is everything that makes dogs special, and a little more besides.

Dognition Profile Badges: CharmerA smooth operator, the Charmer relies on a secret weapon— you.

Dognition Profile Badges: SocialiteSocial graces are the keys to the Socialite’s success.

Dognition Profile Badges: ExpertThe Expert can solve many problems alone, but is still part of the team.

BadgeNoLogo_RenaissanceThe Renaissance Dog is good at a little bit of everything.

Dognition Profile Badges: ProtodogThe Protodog is reminiscent of the first dogs that began a relationship with early mankind — burgeoning social skills allowed dogs like yours to become a much-loved member of the human pack.

Dognition Profile Badges: EinsteinA keen understanding of physics makes the Einstein practically a rocket scientist.

Dognition Profile Badges: MaverickA cheeky wolfishness and a strong independent streak are what make a Maverick so successful.

Dognition Profile Badges: StargazerThere’s more going on in the Stargazer’s mind than meets the eye.

What’s your dog’s Dognition Profile? We have the science-based answer. Discover how your dog sees the world. Register now at to be the first to know when Dognition goes live!

Nick Faber

Nick is the Community Manager for Dognition. His family includes a mixed-breed Renaissance Dog named Teddy.
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I'm glad to see someone else asked about the design of the badges. They are lovely. Kudos to Matt Lawson. Your site is also beautifully designed- way to go Raleigh Felton.


I can't wait to see what my dogs are! I am just in love with your site and blog design and these gorgeous illustrations for your badges, may I ask who your designer/illustrator is/are?

Dognition moderator

 @NataliaMartinez Thanks so much for checking us out Natalia, and for your kind words about the design. These badges were created by a designer named Matt Lawson. And Raleigh Felton, our art director, did most of the heavy lifting on the site design. You should google them to see more of their stuff.


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