Bonding: From new dog to best friend

It’s funny to think that there was a time that Teddy, the furry love of my life, felt like a stranger to me. But he did for a while.

I recently asked my wife Janie, “When did you know Teddy was, y’know, our dog?”

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Keeping your dog stimulated on a rainy day

If your dog is anything like my dog Teddy, outdoor time is part of your daily routine. Few things in this world make Teddy happier than running outside and chasing down his favorite ball. Next to fetch, Teddy’s other love is going for a nice walk. Teddy’s walks aren’t just good for his body; the sights and smells of the neighborhood are also good for mental stimulation.

But what about the times when it’s so rainy that even a walk seems like a perilous undertaking? When Teddy doesn’t get all of the mental and physical activity he requires, we sometimes get some less-than-desirable behavior around the house. Teddy might start throwing his own ball around the living room if he hasn’t had play or walk time. Or, if the ball is out of reach, he’ll play with garbage. Continue reading

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Five questions with… Locky Stewart

We’re kicking off a new series in our blog in which we introduce you to the world-class team of people (and dogs!) behind Dognition. Today, we ask five questions to Locky Stewart, Dognition’s Director of Research.

  1. What do you do at Dognition and how does that relate to your background?

As the Director of Research, I may have one of the best jobs at Dognition. Every day, I work with the leading scientists in the field Continue reading

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Fishnition: A Cognition Assessment for Fish?

Look at what we just reeled in. Should we consider this a competitor?

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Dognition: Way beyond the IQ Test

We’ve been hearing a lot of people referring to Dognition as an “IQ test for dogs” (here’s looking at you, Conan!). Calling Dognition an IQ test conjures up some pretty funny images. Dogs squinting over Scantrons with No. 2 pencils, solving word problems and math equations. If we were giving dogs a traditional IQ test, the scores probably wouldn’t be very high.

This is because we think about intelligence differently these days. When we look at the intelligence of animals, we start with how well they’ve been able to survive as a species. By that measure, dogs are the second most successful mammal on Earth, right behind humans. They’ve learned how to get another species (us) to take care of their every need, to feed them, play with them, and let them sleep in our beds. Continue reading

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