Curro – Dog of the Month

Having only three legs might seem like a disadvantage, but Curro shows that three legs can be better than four if you have a quick mind and a kind heart. Curro works at the Fundacion Federica Cerda, an NGO in Barcelona who uses horses to help kids with disabilities. Curro is comfortable around the horses and adores children, which makes him indispensable to the team. He is also a great reminder to the children that there are many different kinds of perfect. Photo by Sara Coe.

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Dogs Avoid People Who Aren’t Nice to Their Human

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If you think your dog is a good judge of character, your canine might be using “social eavesdropping” as a tool to decide who to be nice to and who to ignore. Social eavesdropping in scientific terms is “social evaluation of third-party interactions”…so you know, what us laypeople call “people watching.” Continue reading

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The Best Way to Train Your Dog According to Science

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Clicker training is widely popular method by professional dog trainers, but is it the most successful and efficient way to train your canine best friend? Continue reading

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Dognition hits prime time with Nat Geo WILD’s “Is Your Dog A Genius?”

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Make no barks about it! Dognition, the science-based assessment that enhances the relationship between dogs and their owners, will be returning to prime time television this spring. This time with Is Your Dog A Genius?, a three-part series on Nat Geo WILD. Continue reading

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On Why Dogs Want to Lick Us And Wolves Want to Eat Us

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It’s clear that the dogs we know and love are very distinct from wolves. Aside from variations in their genetic code, the way dogs interact with and behave around us humans is very different from the behavior of typical wolves, even if the dogs and wolves are raised in similar conditions. In particular, the special relationship dogs have with us is because the success of dogs as a species relies heavily on humans. Continue reading

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