How Making Inferences Makes Your Dog A Genius

Chaser the Border Collie

You probably have heard of Chaser the border collie. She was featured on 60 Minutes and referred to as the world’s smartest dog. If you aren’t familiar with Chaser, she’s famous for knowing over a thousand words. Yes, a thousand words! Smart, right?

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The Cunning Game: How Sneaky Is Your Dog?

Dog Eats Peanut Butter image

Imagine you are making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in your kitchen. Your dog is keeping you company. The phone rings and before you take the call, you tell your dog to not touch your food. Would you trust that your dog would leave your sandwich alone?
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Rolling Over: What’s Your Dog Saying?

two dogs playing

Dognition polled 800 people through our social media channels, and 44% of dog parents say their dog rolls over during play with another dog. Are these dogs communicating that they are subordinate to their play partner?

A 2014 study out of University of Lethbridge and University of South Africa looked to see what a dog rolling over to a supine position during play with another dog really means. Does it communicate submission?

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Helping Service Dogs Help Us

The Need for Service Dogs

While many of the traditional jobs (hunting, sledding, herding) that dogs once performed are becoming increasingly rare in modern society, dogs are definitely in no danger of becoming unemployed. Demand for dogs and their special skills just keeps skyrocketing, including assistance dogs working in partnership with the disabled, police and military dogs helping keep our streets and soldiers safe, and even dogs working in a medical capacity, to detect cancer and other conditions. Continue reading

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4 Tips to Prevent Your Dog From Causing Accidental Fires

July 15th is National Pet Fire Safety Day, a day to prepare ourselves for fire emergencies involving our furry friends. Not until my dogs lit the backyard on fire with a Tiki torch did I wake up to how easy it is for a dog to get in trouble with fire. On this particular night, my two mixed breed dogs, Nika and Cain, were playfully jumping on each other when Nika backed into and bumped a burning torch into the grass. Luckily for my family, the dogs were being supervised so the flames were quickly extinguished and the dogs were safely taken from harm’s way. Continue reading

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