Some Keys To Preventing Dog Bites

I learned two valuable lessons about dogs at a young age. The first is that there are some people on this Earth that actually don’t like dogs. In fact, some people are even scared of them. This was shocking news to 9-year-old me. My new friend Trisha came over to my house after school to play. When she rounded the corner to the kitchen, she shrieked at the sight of Tonka, my family’s German shepherd. I couldn’t understand why; Tonka was the nicest dog. She ran for the dining room; Tonka ran after her. She motioned to kick him, and he bit her foot. Second valuable lesson learned: any dog can bite, even my gentle-hearted Tonka. Continue reading

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10 Simple Ways to Help Homeless Dogs

Summer weather is here and that means college students are on break and families will be taking vacations. For many shelters, this means a dip in the number of people who volunteer. Step up and help your local shelter this summer! Dognition has compiled 10 ways that you can help: Continue reading

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The Science of Self-Control

The blond-headed boy is 4-years old and in pre-school. The adult tells him that the yummy delicious marshmallow in front of him is his to eat now or later. If he waits in the chair until she comes back to eat it, he’ll get rewarded with a second marshmallow. The young boy squirms in his chair, fights the urge to sink his teeth into the gooey sugary treat in front of him, and waits the interminable 10 minutes. The adult who is a child psychologist rewards him with the second marshmallow, and he immediately stuffs both marshmallows into his grinning mouth.
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An “Apawlogy” Letter from Dog

Doggone it! I apawlogize for letting the cat into the Dognition social channels, dear humans. I was having a ruff day. My stomach was growling, and the cat offered me a bacon-flavored pupsicle. He seemed nice, but he was just pulling my leash! Furgive me–I’m pawsitively embarrassed!


P.S. Happy April’s Fools Day from Dognition!

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5 Reasons Cats Will Dominate the World

Meow Human,

I am Science Cat. I have scratched into Dognition Blog to purr-pare you for cats’ takeover of the world! In the days of the Egyptians, we were worshipped as gods. Now we’re laughed at on the Internet. It’s a CATastrophe! Just look at the evidence Continue reading

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