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Dognition and Citizen Science

One of the things that makes Dognition so dynamic and exciting is our use of Citizen Science. What’s Citizen Science? It’s research that can be conducted by anyone who has the time and interest, not just scientists with Ph.Ds and lab coats.

Recently, citizen scientists have discovered new planets and helped researchers understand why babies laugh. There’s even an app for citizen scientists to report discoveries they make in their own backyards. The more help we get from dog-loving people like you, the more we can learn about all dogs, much more quickly and broadly than if we conducted the research ourselves.
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Finding Teddy’s Genius: The Gift of Understanding

As part of my initiation to the Dognition team, I got to play the Toolkit assessment with Teddy, the mixed-breed dog I’d been sharing my life with for just over a year. Teddy and I had a pretty good relationship already. I knew what kinds of games he liked to play (fetch), what kind of food he liked to eat (wet), and what kind of people he liked to kiss (all of them). But I still had more questions. What motivates him? Why doesn’t he tell me when his water bowl is empty? Does he love me, or the liver snacks I give him?

Assessing Teddy was as fun and fascinating as I hoped. It used some of the very same science-based games I had seen on TV specials. I had tried in the past to emulate videos I’d seen of researchers pointing at cups, but had never been sure of what the “real” method was, or what I was actually discovering.
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An Introduction to Dognition

Does your dog ever give you “the look?” You know the look: head tilted, eyes fixed on yours. Have you ever wondered what was going on behind those eyes?

In the last 10 years, scientists have learned more about how dogs think than they had in the last century. We now know that dogs use various types of problem-solving skills to navigate the world – just like people.

Enter Dognition, a truly revolutionary new service for dog lovers, set to launch in early 2013 (currently in private beta). For those who treasure a deeper relationship with their dogs, Dognition provides fun, science-based games that will help you discover the unique way that your dog sees the world.
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