4 Dog Safety Tips for the Fourth of July

Photo Credit: bestbullysticks.com

Happy Fourth of July, Dognition friends!

Independence Day is a stressful holiday for dogs with fireworks often driving many dogs to run away. 51% of Dognition users said their dog experiences some level of fear or anxiety in response to fireworks. Here are 4 tips to help keep your dog calm and safe this holiday weekend!


1. Keep Your Dogs Inside

Enjoy a day of grilling and outdoor fun with your dogs, but before the fireworks begin, secure your dogs indoors. Dogs can become easily frightened by the loud festivities of fireworks.

2. Don’t Leave Your Dogs in the Car

Even if you crack the windows, cars get swelteringly hot in a short amount of time, and the risk is potentially fatal to your dog.

3. Muffle the Bangs and the Booms

Close your windows and draw the shades. Turn on noise that soothes your dogs, like classical music, talk radio, or television.

4. Have Your Dogs Wear ID

In case your dogs become lost, have your dogs wear an identification tag to aid in their return.

All of us at Dognition wish you a happy and safe 4th of July weekend. Let us know how you’re celebrating the 4th with your dogs! Leave us a comment on our Facebook page.