Beta Update: Listening and Learning

dognition beta dog name wordcloud

The Dognition Beta Program has been underway for just over a month, and we’re already learning a lot from our participants. Hopefully, they are learning a lot about their dogs, too! In addition to the great feedback we’ve received about the Dognition Experience — what you like, what you think could be improved — we’ve made some really cool observations about the people and their dogs who registered to be beta users.

Dognition Beta Sign-Ups by the Numbers — and Names

Here are some of the fun statistics about the 1,511 people who have signed up for the Dognition Beta Program.

  • Total dogs registered: 2,276
  • Total countries represented: 39
  • Most popular dog name (female): Maggie
  • Most popular dog name (male): Charlie and Dexter (tie!)
  • # of dogs named Rover or Fido: 0
  • # of dogs named Spot: 1

How to Give Us Beta Feedback

If you’ve been invited to test the beta site, we want to know what you think. Tell us what you’ve learned about your dog on our Facebook timeline. Post a photo along with your testimonial, and we’ll share it with our community. Did you stumble upon a bug in our beta site? Send a note to support[at]dognition[dot]com and tell us what happened.

Still waiting to be called?

If you’ve signed up to be a beta tester, but haven’t been invited to explore Dognition, please hang in there! After each wave of beta testers gives us feedback, we use that information to make updates to the Dognition Experience before letting in the next wave. We plan on announcing the next wave soon, and we appreciate your patience while you wait.

We look forward to playing and learning together with you and your furry friends!