Dog of the month – Riley

RileyRiley was found in New Orleans almost a year after Hurricane Katrina, when many pets were displaced from their homes. When Riley was rescued by her new owner Valerie, she had heartworms and an injured back leg, and would anxiously chew on the corner of her blanket.

However, as she started to feel secure and loved in her new home, she made a full recovery, both physically and emotionally. Then, Valerie took her on the trip of a lifetime, across Crater Lake, Lake Tahoe, and the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado where she is pictured in the photo.

One of Riley’s favorite games is hide and seek. ‘I tell her “count to ten,”and she goes to sit in the bathroom while I hide a toy,’ says Valerie. ‘She gets very excited to come out and search the room for -the- toy, even recognizing it when she sees other toys that are not the hidden target.’

Although it was Valerie who rescued Riley, Valerie says it goes both ways, ‘I am so grateful to have found her’.