Dognition Shelter Program: Showing Off the Genius of Shelter Dogs

What a good Doogie!

What a good Doogie!

This past fall, Dognition launched its pilot Shelter Program. We partnered with Petfinder and donated assessment toolkits to 12 shelters and rescues across the United States. The mission of our Shelter Program is to assist adoption organizations in placing more dogs in permanent, loving homes by helping to shine a light on what makes each dog special. In particular, we hope to help place the dogs that are commonly overlooked in the adoption process. One of these overlooked dogs was Doogie, a 4-year-old Rottweiler Shepherd, from Friends of Homeless Animals (FOHA) in Virginia.Found as a stray at age 2, Doogie went to two different homes. He wasn’t fond of other dogs or children in these homes, so FOHA knew that finding out his unique genius–the ways that Doogie problem solves, interacts with people, and navigates the world–would be a great tool to have in finding Doogie his forever home.

Doogie played the Dognition games, and he’s a Socialite! He relies on people to problem solve, and although he is nervous in some social situations, he doesn’t let this cloud his remarkable set of social problem-solving strategies. Doogie enjoyed the mental enrichment of the games, and with his profile report as a resource, he was more than a dog that needed a home without other dogs or children. He was Doogie the Socialite who communicates collaboratively, has a retrospective memory, and is very empathetic. Doogie was adopted this fall. He is enjoying the love and affection of his dog parents in his new home.

In the Virginia area? Consider adopting a dog from FOHA.