Have a Question? Ask Our Experts!

Some of the individuals who will be taking your questions.

Some of the individuals who will be taking your questions.

Dognition has a new monthly feature, Ask Our Experts, where you have a chance to have your questions about your dog and all dogs answered. The question with the most votes at the end of each month is the question we’ll ask our experts. Our experts are our Scientific Advisory Board and our Expert Panel. Here’s ways to participate:

1. Vote. Each user has three votes. If you submit a question, at least one of your votes will count towards your question. You may upvote your last two votes to your question or any unanswered question in the forum. Once a question you have voted for is answered, you’ll get your votes back to distribute to another question(s). If you see a new question that you’d like to vote for, you may remove votes and apply these votes to other ideas. Be sure to encourage your friends to vote as well!

2. Submit your question to our forum. Have a question you’d like answered? Write your question in the field where it says, “Enter your question for the Dognition experts here”. Ask any question you want! For example: What is the relationship between cognitive style and temperament? Does living in a shelter have impacts on dogs’ long-term behavior? Why does my dog bark at the vacuum cleaner? You can also, if needed, describe your idea by writing an example or background information like, “My two dogs, Mira and Clare came up with the Ace profile, but their personalities are very different…”

3. Stay tuned. At the end of each month, a new question will be answered. You’ll have the opportunity to read up on the latest posted questions, and distribute your votes to the questions you most want answered. For example, Dr. Brian Hare posted his answer to how cognitive style is different than temperament. Watch it here:

Can dogs read people’s emotions? Do dogs have memories? Are dogs able to imitate the actions of others? Go to our Ask An Expert forum and find out the answers! We look forward to having our experts answer your questions!