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An “Apawlogy” Letter from Dog

Doggone it! I apawlogize for letting the cat into the Dognition social channels, dear humans. I was having a ruff day. My stomach was growling, and the cat offered me a bacon-flavored pupsicle. He seemed nice, but he was just pulling my leash! Furgive me–I’m pawsitively embarrassed!

I apawlogize for letting the cat into our blog.

I woof you! Please furgive me!



P.S. Happy April’s Fools Day from Dognition!

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5 Reasons Cats Will Dominate the World

I am Science Cat.

I’m Science Cat. Purr-pare for cats to take over the world.

Meow Human,

I am Science Cat. I have scratched into Dognition Blog to purr-pare you for cats’ takeover of the world! In the days of the Egyptians, we were worshipped as gods. Now we’re laughed at on the Internet. It’s a CATastrophe! Just look at the evidence Continue reading

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