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Have you seen these dogs?

So far thousands of dogs from more than 40 countries have experienced Dognition first hand, giving their people a dog’s-eye view of their world. In addition to learning about their own dogs, each of these owners is also contributing to the world’s understanding of all dogs – from breed differences, to age differences, to gender differences.

From the outside alone, our dogs are such wonderful characters. But as anyone who lives with a dog can tell you, they’re real characters inside, too. We at Dognition are lucky to get to talk with other dog people around the world about what makes their dogs so interesting.

And the more dogs we learn about as individuals, the more we can learn about dogs in general. In fact, we’ve been pleasantly surprised that of the 175 AKC-recognized breeds, 120 have registered with Dognition in just a few months. (Not to mention all the lovable mixed breed dogs, like my Teddy.) Continue reading

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