Yellow Dogs and the Anti-Social Socialites

We’ve heard from some owners who have completed Dognition Assessment Toolkit with their dogs that they were initially a little surprised that their dog is a Socialite. When these owners think of the way their dog acts around strangers and new dogs, their Socialites seems anything but social. But once they read the in-depth description of our findings, the name Socialite begins to make sense.

Anti-Social yet Pro-Social

There’s a big difference between being uncomfortable in social situations and being non-social. Continue reading

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The Genius of Dogs and Behaviorism

The Genius of Dogs is intended as a fun yet comprehensive review of the published scientific literature relevant to understanding dog cognition. In the last ten years there has been an explosion of scientific research and discovery around dog cognition, and this work had not yet been reviewed in a popular book. Dognition is of course largely based on ideas and work reviewed in The Genius of Dogs.

The book explains how a cognitive approach allowed for the discovery of dog genius as well as an appreciation for the limits of dogs’ abilities. We used this new knowledge to propose a cognitive approach to training dogs Continue reading

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Announcing: Even more Dognition to love!

When we launched Dognition last month, we took a moment to exchange celebratory high fives, and then went right back to work. Today, we’re high-fiving again. If you’ve completed the Dognition Assessment Toolkit, you’ll find some fresh new treats in your Dognition Home, especially for you and your dog. And we’ll be adding more content every month! Continue reading

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Does anyone else’s dog sleep like this?

Sometimes dogs seem to behave in unexplainable ways. Some common behavior, such as gazing into your eyes or yawning, can currently be explained by science. Maybe someday we can also learn what’s behind other behavior, like why some dogs sleep in strange and funny positions, once enough of them have participated in Dognition. Continue reading

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Why a dog’s vocabulary matters

In the personality questionnaire at the beginning of the Dognition Experience, we ask you how many words your dog knows. Human words, that is.

It might take you a moment to count them on your fingers (and toes, if your dog knows a lot of words), but you could probably come up with an answer. Your dog might run to the door when you mention a “car ride”,  or maybe your dog knows the differences among the sodas in your fridge, like this Labrador Retriever does! Continue reading

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