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Lucy & Emily get surprises from test results


A few months ago, we featured Lucy & Emily of @pupsonpar on our blog in September after they completed their Dognition dog cognition assessments. This week, Lucy & Emily received their dog DNA test results from Embark Vet, as part of their participation in the canine behavioral genetics research study that Dognition & Embark Vet announced on October 24. The Embark Vet dog DNA test kits reveal Accurate Breed Mix; Family Tree; Drug Sensitivity; Heart Disease Risk; Over 160 Genetic Diseases; Adult Weight; Genetic Aging. And here’s how Embark Vet compares to other dog DNA test kits on the market.


Many people have asked questions about why they should participate in our canine behavioral genetics research study as citizen scientists.

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Bella the Ace wins 2nd place!

Bella – 2nd Place Winner! 

Bella the 6 year old mixed breed dog from Germany won 2nd place for her entry into the “Unsolved Mysteries: Dogs” #DogMysteries Instagram contest that Dognition hosted with Embark Vet in early November to raise awareness of our new research partnership. Bella’s 2nd prize was a special bundle of a Dognition annual membership and an Embark Vet dog DNA kit.

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Lucy & Emily live the good life on a golf course


Lucy, the 7 year old Black Lab, and Emily, a 1 year old mixed breed, are the two adorable dogs that showcase their looks and talents on @pupsonpar. They spend their days on a golf course in Pennsylvania, and have the good fortune of working with their humans, which gives them plenty of opportunities for running, swimming, and chasing things.


When the dogs are not frolicking on the golf course, they can be seen modeling their latest bandanas for fun or a good cause such as Stand Up to Cancer and for fundraisers for local rescues such as Bella Reed Pitbull Rescue.

Their mom Sarah heard about Dognition a few years ago from her own mother, who saw us on TV. Sarah decided she had to see for herself how Lucy and Emily would perform on the Dognition canine cognition games.

Lucy, the Protodog, is shy, calm and very laid back, and relies on reading her human’s gestures when solving problems.


Emily, her younger fur sister, is an Ace. Besides being sassy, loving and affectionate, Emily prefers to solve problems on her own, and has excellent memory and inferential reasoning skills.


We asked Sarah some questions about her experience playing Dognition.

Q: What did you learn about your dogs from playing Dognition games?

A: I learned a lot actually.  They both kind of surprised me. I knew they were both smart in their own way, but I actually honestly thought Lucy had a better memory than the test suggested because she remembers where things are at home and the golf course all the time. For example, she remembers where a squirrel went up a tree yesterday or where I set her treat earlier in the day. I did find it very interesting how she did develop a one side bias in some of the games. I thought that was pretty clever.

As far as Emily goes… I knew she was smart because she seems to learn pretty quickly, but I was super impressed how well she did. She is still young so I wasn’t sure how everything would go, but we followed everything on point and she figured it out.

Q: How will you use this new information and new insights?

A: I will definitely use it when I’m training them. I kind of now know how each of them thinks so I think that will help me convey things to them better. I do use clicker training a lot so it works for both of them, but I think this will help me build on it more.

Q: Why do you recommend Dognition to other people?

A: I think it’s absolutely fascinating.  I really enjoyed learning more about how they think. I really think it brings you a little closer with your pet. You get a little peek inside their brains. I know not everyone is into stuff like this but I think a lot of people would change their mind once they completed the assessment.

We really enjoyed the assessment and I personally love learning more about how dogs think so I’m sure I will continue to enjoy playing more of these fun games with them!

For more adventures, follow Lucy and Emily on Instagram at  @pupsonpar 



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On Why Dogs Want to Lick Us And Wolves Want to Eat Us

sleep dog

Why are dogs our best pals and wolves our competitors?

It’s clear that the dogs we know and love are very distinct from wolves. Aside from variations in their genetic code, the way dogs interact with and behave around us humans is very different from the behavior of typical wolves, even if the dogs and wolves are raised in similar conditions. In particular, the special relationship dogs have with us is because the success of dogs as a species relies heavily on humans. Continue reading

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5 Ways Your Dog Can Make You Happier and Healthier at Work

Photo Credit: Tim Hipps, FMWRC Public Affairs

Photo Credit: Tim Hipps, FMWRC Public Affairs


Did you know that tomorrow is Take Your Dog To Work Day®? At Dognition, there is a sure method to having a good morning: we bring our dogs to work.

Employees are much more energetic and productive when the office dogs, Dexter, Cooper, and Sisu are in the building, proving again that a dog is man’s best friend. Being welcomed by a dog is a great start to the day, not only are they an instant mood booster, but several studies in the past few years have examined the numerous rewards of pet ownership. Continue reading

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