Bella the Ace wins 2nd place!

Bella – 2nd Place Winner! 

Bella the 6 year old mixed breed dog from Germany won 2nd place for her entry into the “Unsolved Mysteries: Dogs” #DogMysteries Instagram contest that Dognition hosted with Embark Vet in early November to raise awareness of our new research partnership. Bella’s 2nd prize was a special bundle of a Dognition annual membership and an Embark Vet dog DNA kit.

Here is the winning photo and text:


“Whenever I come home, Bella gets super excited and goes to get some toy to show me. She doesn’t want to play with it or anything, she just carries it around like a trophy and seems to be super proud while she’s all wiggly and excited. If she could talk she’d say something like “omg look what I’ve got. It’s a toy!!! And I found it all by myself! Also, I’m happy that you’re home, but look what I’ve got! Oh, no no, you may look at it but you can’t touch it! It’s mine. But loooooook!” ? normally she isn’t interested in toys at all, only in those moments.

And I really want to know why, so this is my entry for the #dogmysteries contest hosted by @mydogstink @ipartywithbrucewayne @maska_the_husky and more!”

Who is the Real Bella?

Bella’s mom Katharina was so excited about learning more about Bella with Dognition that she completed the dog cognition assessment within days of winning. She learned that Bella is a Dognition “Ace,” an excellent problem solver with great communication skills. We asked Bella’s mom Katharina to tell us about her best friend and we learned a lot of really cool things!




Bella’s Origin Story

“I adopted Bella from a private foster home almost 6 years ago. I was 13 years old and my biggest dream came true when my parents finally allowed me to adopt a dog. The first plan was to get a puppy from the breeder, but then I decided to have a look at the local shelter at first. They gave us the adress of a foster home who had some young dogs from abroad. So we decided to have a look at them. I was looking for a big dog when we arrived, I never wanted a small dog. But Bella had other plans. She literally chose me as her human. That day I became the proud owner of my first dog: Bella.


Now she’s around about 6 and a half years old. She’s a mixed breed, and as she was born on the streets of Croatia. I know nothing about her parents. But I’m really looking forward to results of the DNA test. Thank you Embark Vet and Dognition for making this possible!”


The Name Bella

“The foster home gave her the name Anabel. I didn’t really change that name I just gave her the nickname Bella. I started to use Bella more often than Anabel because I liked it better. But I still call her Anabel from time to time. Especially when I’m mad at her.” ?


The Real Bella

“She’s very affectionate. Honestly, she loves me to bits (and I love her). But she doesn’t seem to care about all the other humans on earth. Same with dogs.”




Bella’s Fun Facts

“Fun fact about Bella – no. 1 is that she won’t eat normally! I give her food at 6pm but she won’t eat it until I have dinner at 7pm. When I sit down to eat, she starts carrying her food from the bowl next to where I’m sitting down to eat. She needs to walk at least 7 times back and forth from her bowl to me for a full meal! But, I like our meals together.”


Bella’s Hobbies

“We’re passionate about doing tricks! Bella knows so many tricks that I stopped counting them. She’s such a clever girl! You can see a lot of our tricks on our Instagram account @hansehund or our YouTube videos.”


Experience with Dognition

“Bella is an Ace. You can read her Ace’ Profile report here. We had a lot of fun during the cognition games and I learned something new about Bella and the way she solves problems! Bella really surprised me in the communication game where I had to point with my foot at the cup. I literally saw her thinking. She didn’t move, just stared at me, not at the cups, just at me. I had to say “go ahead, get the treat” at least three times before she chose the cup I was pointing at. I didn’t know that she watches me that closely. Now that I have this insight, I’ll try to teach her things by showing her how to do it and hope that she’ll copy me.”

Dognition Profile Badges: Ace




Final Thoughts on Bella

I love this quote by Fred Jungelaus, because I think it’s absolutely true! Bella teaches me more than I teach her. That’s for sure!

“I used to look at my dog and think “if you were a little smarter you could tell what you were thinking,” and he’d look at me like he was saying “if you were a little smarter, I wouldn’t have to.”
Fred Jungelaus



Say Hello to Bella!

You can follow Bella’s adventures and tricks on Instagram: and YouTube:


A big thank you to Katharina and Bella for sharing their story with us. ?? Learn more about how Dognition works and read about other Dognition Ace’s.

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