Lucy & Emily get surprises from test results


A few months ago, we featured Lucy & Emily of @pupsonpar on our blog in September after they completed their Dognition dog cognition assessments. This week, Lucy & Emily received their dog DNA test results from Embark Vet, as part of their participation in the canine behavioral genetics research study that Dognition & Embark Vet announced on October 24. The Embark Vet dog DNA test kits reveal Accurate Breed Mix; Family Tree; Drug Sensitivity; Heart Disease Risk; Over 160 Genetic Diseases; Adult Weight; Genetic Aging. And here’s how Embark Vet compares to other dog DNA test kits on the market.


Many people have asked questions about why they should participate in our canine behavioral genetics research study as citizen scientists.


The best way to tell is to show. We wanted to share the detailed results that Lucy and Emily’s received from both Dognition and Embark Vet.


As Lucy & Emily’s human Sarah told us: “Having amazing tools such as these at my fingertips is wonderful and to not take advantage of this wealth of information would be crazy. We really enjoyed being a part of your study.  I loved learning more about the girls, and now I feel like I can be an even better dog mom than before. Knowledge is power!?”

Lucy the Protodog

When we last spoke to Lucy, we learned that she’s a Dognition Protodog. You can read Lucy’s complete Dognition Profile Report here.


Let’s dive a little deeper into Lucy’s Dognition Protodog results.





The Protodog Speaks

Sees what Lucy says about her experience with Dognition in her post below. ?



But I thought I was a pure bred?

Lucy was told that she was a pure bred black labrador retriever when she was purchased from a breeder. When she received her Embark Vet dog DNA test results, she learned that she’s mixed with THREE different breeds! According to Embark Vet scientists, this scenario is quite common; people think they are purchasing a pure bred dog from a breeder, and it turns out that the dog is a mixed breed. ? ? ?


You can see Lucy’s public results here and read about her surprise about her family tree in her post below. Only part of her results are available in the public report. The rest you’ll have to ask her nicely. ?



What do you think? Are you convinced yet?

Emily, the Dognition ‘Ace’

Emily is a Dognition Ace, who excels in solving problems with her inferential reasoning skills. She also has an excellent working memory. Read her full Dognition Profile Report here. You can see what she had to say about her experience with Dognition and we included her Cognition Dimensions Results below.






Emily’s Family Tree

Emily always knew she had a more varied family tree that her fur sister, but she didn’t know from which branches she derived her beauty and brains. With the help of the Embark Vet dog DNA test kit, she found out that she’s mixed with SIX different breeds!


Check out Emily’s public Embark Vet report. Only breed info is displayed publicly.


Thank you Lucy and Emily for supporting our research with your time and Instagram posts! We are grateful! ? Read their first blog feature here: “Lucy & Emily live the good live on a golf course.”

Dognition & Embark Vet are offering a special promotion until midnight Thurs, Nov 24 – a $79 discount off of a Dognition yearly membership and an Embark Vet dog DNA test kit. Get your bundle today! ? ?

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