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How to Play to Your Dog’s Strength

"Panting Dog" by James Barker

Are you playing to your dog’s problem solving style? Photo by James Barker

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the father figure in your life. One of the lessons my dad taught me is to play to my strengths. The example story that stuck with me, as I love dogs, was about his mixed breed dog in college named Astro. My dad saw a sign on campus saying that an injured dog needed a home; this dog, Astro, had a big wound on his back. With medical care, Astro’s fur from his backside had to be shaved, and other humans were quick to make fun of his naked appearance. If you wanted to pet a dog for the feeling of fuzzy fur, Astro was not your dog. What he lacked in fur, my father said this dog had in intelligence.

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