Dognition hits prime time with Nat Geo WILD’s “Is Your Dog A Genius?”

tv show title card

Make no barks about it! Dognition, the science-based assessment that enhances the relationship between dogs and their owners, will be returning to prime time television this spring. This time with Is Your Dog A Genius?, a three-part series on Nat Geo WILD.

Hosted by Dr. Brian Hare, Chief Science Officer at Dognition and professor of evolutionary anthropology at Duke University, Is Your Dog A Genius? will share groundbreaking research to help dog owners better understand their furry best friends.

Through the use of the Dognition Assessment, Dr. Hare will explore the extraordinary problem solving abilities of service and everyday dogs alike. Viewers will be able to go to to play games from the show and assess their dog’s true genius.

“Each dog is truly one-of-a-kind and has a particular approach to navigating the world. For instance, some dogs rely on memory, others have outstanding reasoning abilities. Dognition identifies the strategies that each dog uses, and on Is Your Dog A Genius? we get to share how famous dogs like Ricochet and Chaser as well as the dog next door uniquely problem solves. You’ll get insight to better understand your own dog,” said Dr. Hare.

Is Your Dog A Genius? will premiere on Friday, May 15th at 10 PM ET/PT during Nat Geo WILD’s inaugural Barkfest, a weekend to celebrate all things dogs!