An Introduction to Dognition

Does your dog ever give you “the look?” You know the look: head tilted, eyes fixed on yours. Have you ever wondered what was going on behind those eyes?

In the last 10 years, scientists have learned more about how dogs think than they had in the last century. We now know that dogs use various types of problem-solving skills to navigate the world – just like people.

Enter Dognition, a truly revolutionary new service for dog lovers, set to launch in early 2013 (currently in private beta). For those who treasure a deeper relationship with their dogs, Dognition provides fun, science-based games that will help you discover the unique way that your dog sees the world.

Dognition was co-founded by Dr. Brian Hare, director and founder of the Duke Canine Cognition Center, and a leading researcher in the field of dog cognition. Brian, and other canine cognition scientists, have proven that dogs are one of the most extraordinary animals on the planet because of how they relate to the world.

Everyone who uses Dognition will also be contributing to the world’s knowledge about dogs, and helping scientists make exciting new breakthroughs in dog cognition, ultimately contributing to the greater good of all dogs.

Due to the overwhelming response of people who want to understand their dogs better, we’ve closed the Dognition Beta Program to new sign-ups. We’ve been using feedback from the initial beta testers to make the Dognition experience as awesome as possible, and we’ll be opening the program up to new waves of testers in the New Year. While you wait to be called on as a beta tester, you can stay connected with us on Facebook and Twitter. We also invite you to answer the survey question below to let us know what you hope to learn with Dognition.

We look forward learning together with you and making new discoveries about the fascinating minds of dogs.