Maska, the Charmer, participates in new canine research study



Maska is a male Husky living in Toronto, Canada with his little fur sister Adler. Maska’s mom Nancy purchased the Embark Vet dog DNA test to see if Maska was indeed a purebred Siberian Husky, and to see if he was at risk for any genetic diseases. Contrary to popular belief, many dogs sold as purebreds have other breeds mixed in. To Nancy’s delight and relief, Maska’s Embark dog DNA test results revealed that he is indeed a purebred Husky and is not at risk for any genetic diseases.


When Nancy found out about the research partnership between Embark Vet and Dognition, she eagerly completed the Dognition assessment with Maska to learn as much as she could about her beloved dog and to participate in our new canine behavioral genetics research study.

“We had so much fun playing Dognition games together. This assessment really helps me understand Maska more. I can’t wait until Adler is old enough to play the games too!” said Nancy.


Nancy’s Husky is not only handsome with a winning smile and beautiful eyes, but he also has exceptional social skills. Maska is a Dognition Charmer, which means he relies on his keen observation of human body language to solve problems.

Check out Maska’s ‘Charmer’ Profile Report to learn what makes this special Husky tick.



According to Maska’s mom Nancy: “We had great experience with Embark’s dog DNA tests and the Dognition Assessment! Thank you both for helping us gain a richer understanding of Maska and Adler with the amazing Embark dog DNA test and fun games of Dognition. We’re so excited that two great companies are coming together to offer this great opportunity to all the dog lovers.”



Follow Maska and baby sister Adler on Instagram: @maska_the_husky
A big thank you to Maska and Nancy for sharing their story with us. ?? Learn more about how Dognition works and read about other Dognition Charmers.

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