What’s your dog’s Dognition Profile?

Dognition launched just one week ago, and we’ve already heard from many of the dogs (and people!) who completed the Dognition Assessment Toolkit. Here are a few of the dogs who’ve reported back to us on Facebook, including some who participated in our beta program. Let us know your dog’s Dognition Profile by sharing a photo on our Facebook Page.


What’s your dog’s Dognition Profile?

In the last week since we’ve launched, we’ve heard from several new dogs who have completed the Dognition Experience. Here are some the dogs we’ve met on Facebook, including the ones who completed the Dognition Beta Program. https://www.dognition.com/

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Winnie is an "Ace." We learned a lot more about her and Dognition made our work with her so much better. And, it’s fun!
Dexter the "Socialite". We weren’t at all that surprised to find out that Dexter is a "Socialite" because meeting and cuddling with new people is simply his favorite thing on earth.
Picture of Curry, the Expert, listening to a reader at school today. He is a magnificent therapy dog!
Pepper (The Charmer) 🙂
Jazzi and I completed the CAT and read her report. I’d like to go back and read the directions for the various games. Interesting feedback!
Jazzi’s an Einstein!
Golden Adell Lewis Bradley
Adell, the Socialite, just became a licensed Therapy Dog!

Roxanne is our Maverick. She prefers to do things on her own terms.
Pebbles is a Protodog. I found it fascinating to learn that when she’s staring deeply into my eyes, she might just be "hugging" me.
We completed the <a href="https://www.facebook.com/dognition?group_id=0" class="">Dognition</a> testing about 2 weeks ago. Duke is definitely a charmer! Like we needed a test to figure that one out…
Roscoe is "The Expert"
Our little Chop Suey is a bit of a mindreader with the memory of an elephant! She’s truly an Ace! …Have a feeling she’s going to be looking inside our cups from now on!
Marley is a CHARMER! No dispute about that!
Tika, my son, husband and I just finished playing the CAT games last night. Tika earned herself the title "Expert" … with alot of Empathy on the side. I found it cool to read about the oxytocin being produced by her prolonged eye-contact … and when I think about it, her tendency to make eye contact does make me feel good too … now I know why. It was fun. Thanks.
Bugsy is an Expert – and prefers to work out problems on his own. Completely accurate – I always knew he was part chimp :p
Hef is a Renaissance Dog. High on empathy and communication, with some independent thinking that may lead him to ignore me when he thinks I am wrong (like when it involves chasing a rabbit). Thanks, Dognition – we had fun.
Really enjoyed finding out Wyatt Fast is Fine is a SOCIALITE! & has great empathy!
Arkeo turned out to be an Ace. Can’t you just see intelligence in those eye?
just read report on Stengel who has complete CAT. She is definitely a Charmer!