What will you learn about your dog with Dognition?

Dognition Eye Hugs

Grab your treats and plastic cups, and get ready to discover your dog’s unique cognitive style, because…

Dognition is live!

We spent weeks and weeks beta testing with hundreds of dogs and people from around the world. Using the feedback we got from them, we’ve worked to make the Dognition Experience something memorable for dogs and owners alike.

So what will you find out about your dog when you play the science-based Dognition games? In our introductory blog post, we asked you, “What do you hope to learn about your dog?”  We got hundreds of responses — thank you! — and we’re happy to say that Dognition can shed light on each of the areas you’re interested in. We’ll cover the most popular questions first.

What do you hope to learn about your dog?

How well does my dog understand me? (30.02% of you asked this)

The games in the Dognition Assessment Toolkit are divided into five sections. Each section is designed to measure a different cognitive dimension. Two of those dimensions, Communication and Cunning, may give you clues about how well your dog understands you.

When a favorite toy goes missing, can your dog use your gestures to find it? In the Communication section, you’ll learn how your dog utilizes information you offer and potentially what contexts.

Does your dog take food when you’re not looking? You may think that this is a sign of misbehavior, or even stupidity. But this sneakiness may actually be a component of your dog’s specific genius! By playing the games in the Cunning section, you’ll be able to find out if your dog is paying attention to what you can and cannot see, and if that information can be used to avoid detection.

How does my dog solve problems? (24.45%)

In the Memory and Reasoning games, we’ll learn what sort of independent problem solving skills your dog may have — meaning how your dog solves problems without your help. Will your dog remember where you hid the treat? Will your dog be able to infer a treat’s location when shown where the treat is not hidden?

In another game, you’ll be able to determine whether your dog uses memory or smell — two very different strategies — to find the hidden treat. Many owners think their dogs rely on their noses to make decisions, so you might be surprised if smell takes a backseat to memory.

What does my dog want when he/she stares at me? (20.27%)

There’s no question that dogs and humans have a special connection. Our close relationship (for thousands of years!) has allowed us to develop many ways to form a bond with our dogs. One of these ways is eye contact.

One game in the empathy section is the “Eye Contact Game.” Think of it as a staring contest where everyone wins. The longer your dog holds your gaze, the more bonded he or she may be to you. When your bonded dog stares into your eyes, you feel an increase in oxytocin, also known as the “hug hormone.”

A more individualistic dog may not want to hold your eye contact, but that doesn’t mean you can’t connect with your furry friend in other ways. All dogs connect with their people; many do so through touch. The good news about that: petting your dog produces that “hug hormone” in both you and your dog!

So maybe your dog just wants breakfast — or maybe you’re the recipient of an “eye hug.”

Why is my dog unique compared to other dogs? (16.57%)

By now, you’ve probably figured out that each dog has a unique cognitive profile, just like people. Many factors go into learning what goes on inside your dog’s mind. In addition to performance on the Toolkit games, we use your answers to the accompanying personality questionnaire to calculate your dog’s Dognition Profile.

There are nine Dognition Profiles in total, including Ace, Maverick and Einstein, each with its own distinct cognitive style and strategies. You’ll read all about this in your Dognition Profile Report, and soon you’ll be able to compare how your dog compare to all dogs on the Dognition website.

If these questions about your dog sound familiar to you, and you’re ready to get some answers, register at Dognition.com. We can’t wait to help you celebrate your dog’s potential.

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