What does your dog dream about? The Dozing Dogz Captioned Photo Contest


Dognition’s cognition and personality assessment will tell you your dog’s unique problem solving strategies, but one thing all dogs have in common, regardless if an Ace or a Charmer: they sleep…a lot! Dognition is teaming up with PetHub for a captioned photo contest to celebrate dozing dogs everywhere! PetHub offers lost pet protection services, and with their QR-enabled ID tags, you can have peace of mind that your dog will continue to hog the bed for many years to come.  


Now before we jump into this contest. Do dogs dream? Our Dr. Brian Hare, co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Dognition, shares:

How do you enter and what do you win?
1. Take a picture of your sleeping dog and add a caption that tells us what your dog is dreaming about. To add your caption, you may go to PicFont.com or Ribbet.com.
2. Fill out our entry form on Facebook between March 4-10th. The entry form will ask you to upload your captioned photo. You may upload your photo from Facebook, email it to us, or use Instagram (by using #DozingDogz).
3. Stay tuned to PetHub & Dognition’s Facebook pages: public voting on the staffs’ favorite TEN captioned photos will start on March 14th.

Some rules to follow:

  • The submission MUST be your original creation and you must own 100% rights to the photo.
  • Your entry will be disqualified, if PetHub or Dognition believe you are using someone else’s photo or caption.
  • All entered photos must be captioned. To add your caption, you may go to PicFont.com or Ribbet.com.
  • Please keep captions family friendly (e.g. no profanity).
  • You may submit up to 5 captioned photos, but only one of your photos will be allowed in the finals.
  • You must enter through the entry form on Dognition’s or PetHub’s Facebook page using a valid email address.
  • You must live in the United States.
  • You aren’t eligible to enter if you are an employee or immediate family member of PetHub or Dognition.
  • PetHub and Dognition have non-exclusive rights to use your captioned photos for marketing purposes.

What’s the “dreamy” prize packages for our top 3 winners?

Grand Prize Package (valued at over $300):

  • Your choice of ANY PetHub ID tag and a 2 year premium protection service plan
  • Dognition Assessment Toolkit + 1 Year Membership
  • A Dognition Toolkit for a friend
  • A signed copy of Victoria Stilwell’s “Train Your Dog Positively!”
  • Never Sleep Alone pillow from Dog is Good
  • A dog bed from Red Dingo
  • A feature of your dog on Dognition’s and PetHub’s blogs

First and Second Runners-Up:

  • Your choice of ANY PetHub ID and a 1 year premium protection service plan
  • Dognition Assessment Toolkit for you AND a friend
  • A feature of your dog on Dognition’s and PetHub’s blogs


As Dr. Brian Hare said in the video: If dogs sleep 12-18 hours a day, your dog is most likely asleep right now! Go snap a photo of your snoozing dog, caption what you think your dog is dreaming about, and submit an entry form to our contest! The contest starts 9am Pacific Time on March 4th and you must have your entry in by 9pm Pacific Time on Friday, March 10th. Have a question? Drop us a note at hello@dognition.com.