The Cunning Game: How Sneaky Is Your Dog?

Dog Eats Peanut Butter image

Imagine you are making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in your kitchen. Your dog is keeping you company. The phone rings and before you take the call, you tell your dog to not touch your food. Would you trust that your dog would leave your sandwich alone?
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Rolling Over: What’s Your Dog Saying?

two dogs playing

Dognition polled 800 people through our social media channels, and 44% of dog parents say their dog rolls over during play with another dog. Are these dogs communicating that they are subordinate to their play partner?

A 2014 study out of University of Lethbridge and University of South Africa looked to see what a dog rolling over to a supine position during play with another dog really means. Does it communicate submission?

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All About Dog Noses

Nosing up to the camera - Les Chatfield

Does this happen to you? You’re out on a walk with your dog, and your pup’s focus is on excitingly smelling the ground, the air, and whoever you pass. Dogs are known for having incredible noses.

Here are 5 cool facts about dog noses:

1. A dog’s sense of smell is 10,000 – 100,000 times more acute as that of humans.
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Your Dog and You: How to Play the Games Without a Partner

Copper is ready to play the Dognition games!

Can I do this by myself? Do I have to have a partner to play the games?

A common question we get here at Dognition is about the need for a non-canine partner in playing the games. While having a partner makes gameplay easier logistically, most people have had great success–and a lot of fun–playing the games with just their canine. We’ve designed the games so that the instructions are easy to follow. The following are options for how to play the games with just your dog. When people play the games the following ways, the data is great and the profile report is still spot on. Continue reading

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Have a Question? Ask Our Experts!

Some of the individuals who will be taking your questions.

Dognition has a new monthly feature, Ask Our Experts, where you have a chance to have your questions about your dog and all dogs answered. The question with the most votes at the end of each month is the question we’ll ask our experts. Our experts are our Scientific Advisory Board and our Expert Panel. Here’s ways to participate: Continue reading

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Dogs’ Internal Compass and Why It Matters

A new study shows that dogs prefer to align in the north-south magnetic field axis when relieving themselves. Photo Credit: Mike Finkelstein

You’ve probably heard by now that your dog has a reason for all that spinning and circling around before picking the perfect spot to excrete. If not, here’s the rundown: German and Czech researchers have found that dogs prefer to align their bodies along the north-south axis of the earth’s magnetic field during excretion. They also found that dogs avoid aligning their bodies along the east-west axis. These findings are from 7,000 observations over a 2 year period of 70 dogs of 37 different breeds defecating and urinating.

You might be wondering, like many others, what’s the big deal? Why does this matter? Continue reading

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Top 7 Ways to Protect Your Pet This Winter

Winter Safety Tips

For this month’s All About Dogs column, we bring you tips from our friends at PetHub on how to keep your pets safe this holiday season. From the Dognition family, we wish you and your loved ones a happy and safe holiday season! Continue reading

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How mixed breed dogs think differently than purebreds


Sometimes I feel like my best friend just doesn’t understand me. I call him and he doesn’t respond. I point and he looks at my fingertip instead of whatever I’m pointing at. I’m talking about my dog Teddy, of course.

I wouldn’t call him overtly independent. In fact, he’s off-the-charts empathetic, and he does look to me for direction from time to time. But it seems like he’d prefer to make his own decisions than use my help. I wondered if his lack of interest in my pointing had anything to do with his previous homelife. We adopted him from a shelter, and we have no idea what sort of human communication he’d received before us. As it turns out, the fact that Teddy is more likely to use his own memory over my pointing may have something to do with his breeding, or rather, his lack thereof. Continue reading

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Dog burglars: Dogs steal more in the dark


Dr. Juliane Kaminski, one of our Scientific Advisory Board members, has made a cool finding: dogs are more likely to sneak food from people when the lights are out.

Kaminski, who is a lecturer and research in the Psychology department of the University of Portsmouth, found that dogs were four times more likely to steal food after being told not to if the room was dark.

Kaminski also showed that dogs’ behavior depended on what part of the room was dark. Continue reading

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Keeping your dog stimulated on a rainy day

Dog looking out of window

If your dog is anything like my dog Teddy, outdoor time is part of your daily routine. Few things in this world make Teddy happier than running outside and chasing down his favorite ball. Next to fetch, Teddy’s other love is going for a nice walk. Teddy’s walks aren’t just good for his body; the sights and smells of the neighborhood are also good for mental stimulation.

But what about the times when it’s so rainy that even a walk seems like a perilous undertaking? When Teddy doesn’t get all of the mental and physical activity he requires, we sometimes get some less-than-desirable behavior around the house. Teddy might start throwing his own ball around the living room if he hasn’t had play or walk time. Or, if the ball is out of reach, he’ll play with garbage. Continue reading

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Yellow Dogs and the Anti-Social Socialites

greyhound dog with yellow ribbon

We’ve heard from some owners who have completed Dognition Assessment Toolkit with their dogs that they were initially a little surprised that their dog is a Socialite. When these owners think of the way their dog acts around strangers and new dogs, their Socialites seems anything but social. But once they read the in-depth description of our findings, the name Socialite begins to make sense.

Anti-Social yet Pro-Social

There’s a big difference between being uncomfortable in social situations and being non-social. Continue reading

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Helping Service Dogs Help Us

canine companions for independence puppies

The Need for Service Dogs

While many of the traditional jobs (hunting, sledding, herding) that dogs once performed are becoming increasingly rare in modern society, dogs are definitely in no danger of becoming unemployed. Demand for dogs and their special skills just keeps skyrocketing, including assistance dogs working in partnership with the disabled, police and military dogs helping keep our streets and soldiers safe, and even dogs working in a medical capacity, to detect cancer and other conditions. Continue reading

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4 Tips to Prevent Your Dog From Causing Accidental Fires

Protect your furry friend from accidental fires

July 15th is National Pet Fire Safety Day, a day to prepare ourselves for fire emergencies involving our furry friends. Not until my dogs lit the backyard on fire with a Tiki torch did I wake up to how easy it is for a dog to get in trouble with fire. On this particular night, my two mixed breed dogs, Nika and Cain, were playfully jumping on each other when Nika backed into and bumped a burning torch into the grass. Luckily for my family, the dogs were being supervised so the flames were quickly extinguished and the dogs were safely taken from harm’s way. Continue reading

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4 Dog Safety Tips for the Fourth of July

Photo Credit:

Independence Day is a stressful holiday for dogs with fireworks often driving many dogs to run away. 51% of Dognition users said their dog experiences some level of fear or anxiety in response to fireworks. Here are 4 tips to help keep your dog calm and safe this holiday weekend!

1. Keep Your Dogs Inside

Enjoy a day of grilling and outdoor fun with your dogs, but before the fireworks begin, secure your dogs indoors. Dogs can become easily frightened by the loud festivities of fireworks. Continue reading

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