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Your Dog and You: How to Play the Games Without a Partner

Copper is ready to play the Dognition games!

Cooper is ready to play the Dognition games!

Can I do this by myself? Do I have to have a partner to play the games?

A common question we get here at Dognition is about the need for a non-canine partner in playing the games. While having a partner makes gameplay easier logistically, most people have had great success–and a lot of fun–playing the games with just their canine. We’ve designed the games so that the instructions are easy to follow. The following are options for how to play the games with just your dog. When people play the games the following ways, the data is great and the profile report is still spot on. Continue reading

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Have a Question? Ask Our Experts!

Some of the individuals who will be taking your questions.

Some of the individuals who will be taking your questions.

Dognition has a new monthly feature, Ask Our Experts, where you have a chance to have your questions about your dog and all dogs answered. The question with the most votes at the end of each month is the question we’ll ask our experts. Our experts are our Scientific Advisory Board and our Expert Panel. Here’s ways to participate: Continue reading

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Dognition Shelter Program: Showing Off the Genius of Shelter Dogs

What a good Doogie!

What a good Doogie!

This past fall, Dognition launched its pilot Shelter Program. We partnered with Petfinder and donated assessment toolkits to 12 shelters and rescues across the United States. The mission of our Shelter Program is to assist adoption organizations in placing more dogs in permanent, loving homes by helping to shine a light on what makes each dog special. In particular, we hope to help place the dogs that are commonly overlooked in the adoption process. One of these overlooked dogs was Doogie, a 4-year-old Rottweiler Shepherd, from Friends of Homeless Animals (FOHA) in Virginia. Continue reading

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Top 7 Ways to Protect Your Pet This Winter

For this month’s All About Dogs column, we bring you tips from our friends at PetHub on how to keep your pets safe this holiday season. From the Dognition family, we wish you and your loved ones a happy and safe holiday season! Continue reading

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Shining A Light On Homeless Dogs

Caso: Territorio de Zaguates from GARNIER BBDO on Vimeo.

Territorio de Zaguates, an animal rescue organization in Costa Rica, was having trouble finding forever homes for their mixed breed dogs–94% of their dogs in their organization. So they had an innovative idea: if people are more likely to adopt when they know the breed of the dog, why don’t we create unique one of a kind breeds? With the tagline, “when you adopt a mutt, you adopt a unique breed,” Costa Rica now has one-of-a-kind breeds, like Fire-tailed Border Cocker, Shaggy Shepherd Dachspaniel, and Marbled English Filamaraner. With the help of National TV, social media, and billboard advertising, adoptions for these mutts skyrocketed! In 45 days of their campaign, Territorio de Zaguates adoption rate grew by 1400%, their mutts obtained $457,000 of PR value, and their Facebook page received 510,484 interactions. As well, 100% of the shelters expenses are now covered by sponsors.

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