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Dognition Beta Wave 4: Better Than Ever, Thanks to You


We are thrilled to announce that the fourth and final wave of the Dognition Beta Program is just around the corner. The last few months have been a whirlwind of activity, and thanks to the waves of the beta users that have come before this one, we’re confident that the Dognition Experience will be more enjoyable than ever for you and your dog.

So how is this wave different than the previous waves? For starters, everyone who signed up to be a beta participant has now been called. Also, we’ve built out the support required for international users, so we’ll have people (and dogs!) from over 38 countries participating! Continue reading

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Ernie’s Charmed Life

I brag about my dog Ernie to anyone who will listen – the vet, folks at the dog park, or my friends and family (as any proud mama would). I think he is incredibly smart and the sweetest dog on earth — all 9.8 lbs of him.


In September, I started working with Dognition, and Ernie and I got to play an early version of the games that make up the Dognition Assessment Toolkit. We found out that he is a Charmer, which I think makes perfect sense! Being a Charmer means that Ernie relies on my fiancé and me to help him navigate the world – we call him a “smooth operator.” We also learned that he’s incredibly empathetic (he gives the sweetest hugs and kisses).

This was very cool to discover, because empathy is a big component of what I try to incorporate into what I do for Dognition – experience design. Continue reading

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Announcing Dognition Beta Wave 3 – and a Giveaway!


2013 is off to a great start here at Dognition. We’ve been listening carefully to feedback from our beta testers and making major improvements to the Dognition Experience. We’ve simplified instructions, made our games more fun to play, and added rich new videos. We’ve even used your suggestions to come up with great new features that we’ll include when we launch Dognition to the public.

Today, we’re keeping the momentum going with two big announcements. Continue reading

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Beta Update: Listening and Learning

dognition beta dog name wordcloud

The Dognition Beta Program has been underway for just over a month, and we’re already learning a lot from our participants. Hopefully, they are learning a lot about their dogs, too! In addition to the great feedback we’ve received about the Dognition Experience — what you like, what you think could be improved — we’ve made some really cool observations about the people and their dogs who registered to be beta users.

Dognition Beta Sign-Ups by the Numbers — and Names

Here are some of the fun statistics about the 1,511 people who have signed up for the Dognition Beta Program. Continue reading

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Dognition and Citizen Science

One of the things that makes Dognition so dynamic and exciting is our use of Citizen Science. What’s Citizen Science? It’s research that can be conducted by anyone who has the time and interest, not just scientists with Ph.Ds and lab coats.

Recently, citizen scientists have discovered new planets and helped researchers understand why babies laugh. There’s even an app for citizen scientists to report discoveries they make in their own backyards. The more help we get from dog-loving people like you, the more we can learn about all dogs, much more quickly and broadly than if we conducted the research ourselves.
Continue reading

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